What are innovative ways to source scarce talent? Where do I find, grow & retain talent in my organisation? Can I engage managers more effectively in developing talent? How do I define talent in my organisation? Tell me good ways to increase mobility in my organisation.


These are some of the questions I am often asked by clients.  There are many different solutions to these questions, so the starting point has to be with your organisation and people.  We know that talented individuals stay with an organisation as long as they are engaged in interesting work, have sufficient freedom to act and have opportunities to progress along their chosen career path.  As we say it's 'horses for courses' i.e. it's no good using sophisticated career development tracks if the charaterstics of your organisation do not allow easy transfers across different business units or geographies.  Similarly, using social recruiting techniques, which are the latest buzz, only work if you put in the time and effort to build communities of prospective candidates and take your search beyond the 'usual suspects' such as LinkedIn and FaceBook to find hard-to-reach candidates. 


Talent acquisition, development and retention must come from a holistic talent strategy that embraces, employer branding (that is in sync with your product branding), good analytics that allows you to track employees and predict your future skills needs, a range of development opportunities (for all) that includes stretch assignments, secondments, shadowing, special projects and other programmes targeted to develop/enhance capabilities.


I work with clients to identify their unique needs and then tailor solutions to address those needs.  Examples: talent strategy; talent review; talent mobility; succession planning; capability development; diversity & inclusion; customer relationship development.



Organisations succeed or fail on the quality of their leadership.  Leaders create the environment in which others can do their work - either enabling or disempowering.  Leaders set the tone of the organisation and through their actions 'write' the implicit rules that govern how work gets done 'around here'.  So, investing in your leadership is vital to success.  In todays climate, leaders have to deal with increasing complexity and make decisions faster than ever before.  The digital age has made everything possible - real-time information on how and what employees are doing to public feedback and comments on the organisation in a range of social media.  Leaders have to chart a course that allows them to stay true to the core purpose of their organisation whilst being agile to take advantage of changes in their marketplace.


A lot of emphasis is placed on developing senior leaders and middle managers, however, it is equally important to focus on first level leaders since they are often closer to your customers and inspire, motivate and engage the majority of the workforce.


Talk to me about bespoke interventions to increase the capabilities of the leaders in your organisation.


Examples: leadership development; intact team development & coaching; executive assessment; executive coaching; matrix leadership



Organisations are changing all the time to adapt to their external environment and shifts in their chosen field of play.  This can be as simple as fine tuning organisational goals, re-focusing roles in new areas or more drastic changes such as implementing omnichannel marketing, implementing more sophisticated technology.


It is easy to underestimate the impact of even the smallest change, or not to take opportunities to re-think how to get the most out of technology enhancements, such as mobile working.  The organisation is an inter-connected system, where a change in one part affects other areas, leading to intended, and perhaps unintended consequences.


I help organisations to look at areas that are under-performing and work in a systematic way to increase their effectiveness at achieving their strategy.


Examples: targeted whole-scale leadership development; increasing collaboration; effective matrix organisations.

Your Personal Chemist

I strongly believe that personal chemistry provides a powerful underpinning in any business relationship.  I cultivate strong personal and lasting relationships that engender trust, care and openness.  This creates a firm foundation on which to work with clients on their specific, and often sensitive issues and opportunities and develop solutions tailored to their circumstances.

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