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The Three Companions

The Three Companions: powerful keys to happier work and a fulfilled life is designed to help its readers discover and tap into their own courage, compassion, and wisdom. It features powerful stories of individuals displaying their three companions in various situations including, illness, death, strained relationships, parenting, powerful others, change, etc. These stories show that the Three Companions are inherent in us all; they are not reserved for those rarefied people, such as Desmond TutuMalala Yousafzai, Azim KhamisaThích Nhất HạnhweNelson Mandela. We all possess these superpowers, however like Dorothy’s companions in the Wizard of Oz, we often don’t realise this.


The vision is to make a positive and lasting impact on readers lives by guiding them on a journey through the everyday benefits of courage, compassion and wisdom. The book will inspire readers to appreciate that whilst they, and those around them, already possess these three uplifting virtues, it's how they choose to recognise, harness and utilise them, to the benefit of both themselves and others, that has the power to change lives and make a real difference.

As narrator and friend I aim to connect to readers on a very human level and guide you through a clear, three-part, journey. Il use a combination of real-life stories, examples and practical advice  to open readers' eyes to the possibility and potential of courage, compassion and wisdom. In the book I don't tell you what to do, and I don't shy away from the truth. My hope is that with honesty, care and kindness I will  demystify the myths, provide illuminating and inspiring new perspectives and clearly explain and illustrate how the promise of The Three Companions can make life at work and at home more fulfilling, rewarding, caring and inclusive.

The audio version of the book brings this to life. Listen to a sample of the book to experience this for yourself.

The 3 Companions Sample Audio
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