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I was introduced to Life Coach Report by Rob Haley, it's creator and curator. Rob is passionate about life coaching and wanted to contribute to the field. He founded Life Coach Report as a resource for coaches to learn more about the field they operate in from fellow professional coaches. It is a fabulous resource of current topics that are categorised as News (specific to coaching), Professional Coaching (coaching skills, learning), Personal and Professional Growth, Leadership, Business/Entrepreneur (common to the coaching business), and Events (coaching events). Rob refreshes the content daily so that there is always something fresh to read / learn about.

Rob also promotes the 'unsung heroes' of coaching in Life Coach Report; the independent, freelancer who have less opportunities than coaches working within coaching schools or organisations to tell their stories and promote their work. He conducts interviews that have a nice way of introducing these coaches, their coaching philosophy and the niche where they thrive i.e. the type of coaching or client where they operate at their best.

If you are a coach who is looking for inspiration or a potential client, I encourage you to check out Life Coach Report.

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